A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are David Horrun, and you just won the election on a platform of strict rule, law, and order. Now, you only have to follow through.

Relations with West Armica have been tenuous for some time. Nobody will stop you if you just take what you can get... right?

Will you be able to spin the media, quell rebellion, and keep your seat safe long enough to secure power?


ts2017_win.zip 19 MB
ts2017_mac.app.zip 22 MB
ts2017_linux.zip 22 MB


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This is cool. I've never played an RTS where your units start to resist you. I like how units and buildings start telling you "NO" when you try to command them if they've turned against you.

The news stories were an interesting touch. I tried denying a few times and it always said it was the wrong choice (and sped up my units turning blue, I think?). Was spin always the right option?

The gameplay summary screen was good, too. I assume you always get an F, because you're an idiot for spending all that time and money trying to conquer your neighbors. Good commentary.

The art's great. The newscaster characters look awesome, the units are easily readable, and the visuals are very cohesive overall.

Moving units one at a time using right-clicks was kind of awkward, but it fits your theme here. Efficiently waging war isn't the point of the game.